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Learning Journey Celebrations


​Learning Journey Celebrations are on this Wednesday 3 April. Parents and caregivers are invited to come in and celebrate all of the learning around the theme "My Place in the World". They are always such a great day - we hope you can make it! The timetable is below.


​Year ​Activity ​Location ​Time
​Prep ​'All About Me' Art Gallery ​Classrooms ​2.00pm
​1 ​'Me, My Brilliant Self and I' ​Classrooms N Block ​2.10 - 2.50pm
​1/2 ​Zoom in Zoom Out Circles ​Classroom ​2.15pm
2 ​Inquiry Presentations ​Classrooms ​9 - 10am
​3 ​Inquiry Presentations ​Classrooms B Block ​12 - 12.45pm
​3/4 ​Learning about Explorers ​Classroom ​10.30 - 11.00am
​4 ​Aquatic Adventures ​Year 4 Classrooms ​12 - 1.10pm
​4/5 ​Saving a Species ​4/5 Classrooms ​10 - 11am
​5 ​Cannonvale's Secret Society of Australian Animals ​Classrooms ​2.10pm
​6 ​Exploring Natural Disasters ​Year 6 Classrooms ​12.00pm